The annual board retreat meeting of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, Groundwater Management Subdistrict, and Well Augmentation Subdistrict was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at the Platte Valley Fire Protection office located at 27128 Co Rd 53, in Kersey Colorado. The meeting was called to order at 10:12 A.M. and the following Directors were present: Randy Knutson, President; Gary Herman, Vice President; Vern Kammerzell, Treasurer; Frank Eckhardt, At Large; Dave Bernhardt; Tom Brown; Don Rosenbrock; Doug Dill; Chad Schafer; Steve Bruntz; Alan Axton; Ralph Anders; Everett Kissler; and Jim Reasoner. Bret Schmidt was absent.

Others present were: Randy Ray, Executive Director; Lynn Kramer, Contracts Manager; Danyelle McCannon, Financial Analyst; Ruthanne Schaffer, Senior Water Accountant; Tammy Rusch, Office Manager; Joe Rudd, Field Operations Assistant; Courtney Sandoval, Field Operations Assistant; Frank Esquivel, Water Delivery Coordinator; John Fingerlin, SCADA/DATA Coordinator; Rick Hoffman, Ditch Superintendent; Ed Armbruster and William Mihelich of White Sands Water Engineers; and Brad Grasmick of Lawrence, Jones, Custer and Grasmick. Special guests were: Michael Wallace; Bill Ray; Don Diones; Chad Chavies; and Christine Arbogast.

President Randy Knutson opened the meeting.


Michael Wallace, a hydroclimatologist from Albuquerque, New Mexico, made a presentation to the board regarding weather statistics, streams flows, and water level forecasting. He’s found through his research that sun spot patterns and the radiance of the sun can be used to determine weather patterns, and can successfully forecast water availability in areas of high elevation around the world. His services are available if the board wishes to pursue them.

Bill Ray spoke to the board about the recent phone poll results gauging the knowledge and support of GMS going for a potential bond election in 2018. The various range of demographics was overviewed, and the predicted 2018 voter profile turnout was discussed.

Don Diones also spoke about the potential GMS bond election for 2018. He reviewed the assessed valuations of all three districts, and the voter base of each county.

Chad Chavies presented a pre-payment schedule for the current outstanding debt for GMS, along with the total interest savings by paying off the debt early.

Randy Ray provided an overview of previous staff and consultant retreats going over: Chatfield, Walker Recharge, the augmentation plan efficiencies, funding for projects, member assessments, grants, and recreational aspects of future gravel pits.


Christine Arbogast provided an overview of the current political atmosphere for our lobbying efforts, as well as the current proposed tax bill. She also reminded the board that the Farm Bill is a major focus for attention each year.


Randy Ray discussed several different municipal-industrial uses for water, and the potential benefits and longevity of the oil and gas water use demand. Brad Grasmick spoke about the District’s role from a legal perspective related to water rights applications. The board voted to form the M&I committee, consisting of: Chad Schafer, Dave Bernhardt, Everett Kissler, Alan Axton, and Gary Herman.

The Chatfield off-ramp was discussed, and Randy Ray presented the different funding options available to CCWCD.


Motion: Alan Axton
Second: Ralph Anders

The Gilcrest high water levels were discussed, along with requesting any mitigation ideas for a solution to pump the water down.

The Bijou Board will be meeting on December 13th and they would like to visit with some of CCWCD’s board members about the Kiowa decree and the inlet off of the Bijou canal. Don Rosenbrock, Steve Bruntz, and Everett Kissler will try to attend the Bijou meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:47 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Danyelle McCannon,
Financial Analyst