The meeting of the CCWCD Committee of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District was called to order at 1:06 P.M. on Friday, February 9, 2018 by Everett Kissler at Central’s office at 3209 West 28th Street in Greeley. Committee members present were Ralph Anders, David Bernhardt and Everett Kissler. Committee members absent were Chad Schafer and Frank Eckhardt. Staff members present were Frankie Esquivel, Randy Ray and Courtney Sandoval.

Frankie opened the meeting by presenting the online water quality website created by Leonard Rice. There are lingering bugs in the website that still need to be worked out. Frankie also presented a list from Ben Tyler of the locations that have not yet been identified due to their absence in the access database.

Frankie addressed the committee for their input on the possible locations for the continuous monitoring locations. Before delving into the locations, Ralph suggested ensuring that each of the Sundes (continuous multiple probe water quality device) have insurance. In order to protect the Sundes in the water, a discussion on an outside structure was brought up by Frankie. Everett suggested we use a stainless-steel box.

As Frankie discusses the locations in which he suggests putting the four Sundes (PVIM Aug Station, Weldon Valley Aug Station, Jones Ditch inlet, and Nissen Reservoir outlet), Randy suggests exchanging Weldon Valley for Orchard or Walker locations. Additionally, Randy mentions Lupton Bottoms Augmentation station or the Platteville Irrigation and Milling headgate as a possible location.

Frankie begins a discussion on telemetry versus surveyor as a means of retrieving the information. Both Everett and Ralph agree that telemetry should be used since many locations have existing telemetry capabilities. Regarding the amount of times the data should be pulled, David recommends twice daily.

The next item of business Frankie brings into discussion is the possibility of using some of the water quality budget towards the Well Watch project. Tammy Rusch enters the meeting to discuss aiding in funding of the Well Watch Program. Tammy informs the committee that the program has received the Noble Grant and she will be meeting next week with Nutrium who may be funding the program. The committee accepts this and recommends that the Well Watch Program should address the education committee for funding rather than the water quality committee.

To bring the meeting to an end, Frankie opens the discussion to the board for questions and comments. Randy suggests Frankie and Courtney check with Northern Water District to ensure we do not double up on testing locations. Randy also suggests Idaho Creek Diversion on Boulder Creek or the Rural ditch diversion on Boulder Creek as possible sampling locations to consider continuous water quality sampling.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:08 P.M. by Everett Kissler.

Respectfully submitted,

Courtney Sandoval
Field Operations Assistant 1