CCWCD Committee

August 7, 2018


The meeting of the CCWCD Committee of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District was called to order at 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 by Don Rosenbrock at Central’s office at 3209 West 28th Street in Greeley. Committee members present were Don Rosenbrock, Everett Kissler, Ralph Anders, Doug Dill and Jim Reasoner.  Staff present were Randy Ray, William Mihelich, Lynn Kramer and Ruthanne Schaffer.

The Committee reviewed the draft easement agreement to be sent to the Smith’s for the Walker Recharge Project.


Motion:  Ralph Anders
Second:  Doug Dill

Randy updated the Committee on USBR easement discussions for the Walker Recharge Project pipeline.  Additionally, the committee and staff discussed the USBR grant and how to proceed with finalizing the contract to obligate the USBR funds.

Randy reviewed the status of the Chatfield orphan shares and the level of interest Denver Water has in them.

Randy presented a letter of intent and two easement agreements with the Martindale’s for possible recharge ponds.

Billy reviewed a memo he drafted to the Committee about a possible storage/lease partnership with a municipality.  He will continue to work with the entity.  

RECOMMEND TO THE BOARD TO APPROVE THE HUNTING LEASES WITH HONKER NATION AFTER our insurance agent and legal counsel review both proposed leases, paragraph 6 to include previous language regarding Central’s land USE, INCLUDE LEASEE TO WORK WITH VETERAN GROUPS TO HUNT AND increase the rate at Koenig to $5,000.

Motion:  Everett Kissler
Second:  Doug Dill

Discussion was held regarding providing long term augmentation water leases to third party augmentation plans.  The Committee gave staff direction on research they would like to see.  The preliminary idea is to have a capital fee with a yearly assessment.

The Committee reviewed two bids to fence the Rinn Valley property on the north property line.  Discussion was held on the type of fence and how much of the property should be fenced.  Committee will consider the costs and fence material and revisit the issue once construction is complete at Rinn Valley to determine how much money is left in the construction budget.

Lynn and Randy spoke to the Committee about a constituent who needs a new contract if he takes his well to be decreed for the other quarter section of his field which will make the new water right a 2018/2019 water right.  Staff met with Brad regarding different options Central could offer him.

Forward the Sater request to the Board.

The Committee reviewed the GMS bond information that Don Diones presented to the GMS Committee.

The Committee reviewed proposals from Brierly and Deere & Ault Engineers for engineering design for the pipeline crossing of the South Platte River for the Walker Recharge Project.  The Committee would like the Board to review the proposals.

The Committee reviewed the results of the 2018 GMS Bond survey that was sent out last month and the Frequently Asked Questions staff has drafted as a response to the results.  These FAQs will be sent out to all households that received the survey.

Chairman Don Rosenbrock adjourned the meeting at 1:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruthanne Schaffer
Sr Water Accountant