Shores Reservoir Complex

CCWCD staff, along with Concrete Works of Colorado, and Deere and Ault Consultants meet Tuesday morning October 6, 2020 to commission the new infrastructure at the Shores Reservoir Complex near Firestone CO. A low-level gravity fed column pumpstation (pump, and column pipe) designed to pump a maximum of 10 – cubic feet per second and a low-level gravity outlet was placed in Reservoir C.  This pumpstation feeds into a discharge pipeline, which is a 24” pipeline from Shores Reservoir C to the Rural Ditch. The pipeline is roughly 1,900’ in length with an open-cut crossing of County Road 26 and two open-cut crossings of area irrigation canals – the Rural and Last Chance Ditches.  Four reservoirs, all interconnected, make up the Shores Reservoir Complex which stores approximately 4,500 acre-feet. Shores Reservoir Complex is filled from water rights diverted from Boulder Creek.

Shores Reservoir Pumpstation