Central Colorado Water Conservation District H


Central Colorado Waters Conservancy District formed

Colorado High Plains

CREATED to develop, manage and protect water resources for Northeast..Read more...


Narrows Reservoir

  In 1910, the Narrows Dam was first conceived of..


Groundwater Management Subdistrict


The Groundwater Management Subdistrict (GMS) was formed in 1973 under..Read more...


Well Fields near Brighton and Fort Lupton

Brighton Well Field

In 1975 Central installed well fields between Fort Lupton and..Read more...


1980 – 2000 Wettest years in Colorado

19-80 through 2000 were the wettest years in recorded Colorado..Read more...

1980 Box Elder Recharge

Box Elder Recharge system first used.

1980 Office Burns

Central’s Fort Lupton office burns down.

1980 First Waterline Published


1981 Kiowa Recharge

The Kiowa Recharge constructed, Decreed Capacity: 3000 AF Source: South Platte River..Read more...


1981 Diversion Structures

Diversions structures built on the Fulton Ditch, Greeley #3 and..Read more...


1982 Milliron Rescharge

Milliron Recharge constructed.

1982 Tom Cech

Tom Cech was hired as Manager, and became active in..Read more...


1984 District files Chatfield Reservoir storage right.

Central’s Board of Directors had the foresight  to file for..Read more...

1984 Central lobbies with Colorado Water Congress

Central lobbies alongside Colorado Water Congress against gravel pits being..Read more...


1985 Satellite Stream Flows

State Engineers start using satellite to monitor stream flows.


1987 Office moves to Greeley

Office moves to present location in Greeley.


1988 Groundwater Quality Measurements

First groundwater quality and depth measurement samples taken.

1988 Farmers and Western Ditch

Start recharge program with Farmers Independent Ditch Company and Western..Read more...


1991 Children’s Water Festival

Central host @nd Children’s Water Festival in the World.

1991 Sustainable Agriculture Project

Start of the Sustainable Agriculture Project.

1991 Education Grant

Received grant money to develop water curriculum for K-12 student’s.


1992 EPA Grant

First EPA grant for developing water curriculum.

1992 Seibring Reservoir

Seibring Reservoir constructed, one of the first bentonite slurry lined..Read more...

1992 GIS Software

Began using GIS software to map well locations.


1994 Colorado State University

Began working with CSU to build a working stream model..Read more...


1995 Teacher Training

Water Wise Colorado teacher training workshops held at University of..Read more...

1995 Water Wise Colorado Curriculum

Water Wise Colorado Curriculum finished and ready for use in..Read more...


1997 $4.7 Million

District and GMS have spent approximately $4.7 million since 1981..Read more...

1997 EPA Award

Central recieved the EPA award for Environmental Excellence.


1998 Three States Agreement

The Three States Agreement is signed, Central fights to protect..Read more...

1998 JoDee and la Poudre Reservoirs

JoDee and la Poudre reservoirs are connected through a pipeline.


1999 Koenig agreement signed

Agreement signed to build Koenig lined gravel pit. Construction of..Read more...

1999 Integrated Decision Support Group

Central partnered with CSU on Integrated Decision Support Group.


2001 Central stores water at 83rd ave pit

Central stores 300 AF of water at the 83rd avenue..Read more...

2001 First agreement with municipality

First time a water swap agreement was arranges between Central..Read more...


2002 Colorado Foundation for Water Education Established

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education was formed. The Foundation..Read more...

2002 Water Investments

Central and the Groundwater Management (GMS) Subdistrict own 4,000 AF..Read more...


2003 Jim Reasoner Elected President

Board of Directors elect Jim Reasoner as the 6th president...Read more...


2004 Walker Reservoir Started

In 2004 the Walker Reservoir near Brighton began storing water.

2004 Well Metering Began

State mandated well metering began in 2004.

2004 WAS Vote to De-bruce

WAS members vote in bond and de-brucing the district. Approved..Read more...

2004 WAS District Formed

The Well Augmentation Subdistrict was created to keep 500 wells..Read more...


2005 GMS Permanent Decree

The Groundwater Management Subdistrict was awarded a permanent decree,

2005 Seibring Water Donated

Central donated 5 AF of water from Seibring Reservoir to..Read more...


2006 WAS Wells Shut Down

All WAS wells shut down due to drought and legal..Read more...

2006 Seek Box Elder as a Designated Basin

Central asked the Groundwater Commission to declare Box Elder area..Read more...

2006 $300,000 Grant for Well Metering

Central applied for and was granted a $300.000 grant for..Read more...

2006 Work Begins on Orchard Recharge

Work begins on Orchard Groundwater Banking Project.


2007 Lobbing and Legislature

Very active in lobbing and legislature.

2007 Numerous Recharge Projects

There were numerous recharge projects constructed during 2007.