Board of Directors

CCWCD is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors who are court appointed. It is the Board’s duty to set policy. The Board has regular, monthly meetings in addition to numerous committee meetings. Day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Director.

Note: Officers and At Large Member compose the Executive Committee.

  • Mr. Thomas D. Brown – Greeley
  • Mr. Vern Kammerzell – Milliken, Treasurer
  • Mr. James Reasoner – Brighton
  • Mr. Ralph T. Anders – Greeley
  • Mr. Everett D. Kissler – Kersey
  • Mr. Don Rosenbrock – Mead
  • Mr. Douglas Dill – Fort Morgan
  • Mr. Steve Bruntz – Wiggins
  • Mr. Randall C. Knutson – Platteville, President
  • Mr. Frank Eckhardt Jr. – La Salle, Member At Large
  • Mr. Gary Herman – Platteville
  • Mr. Chad Schafer – Gilcrest, Vice President
  • Mr. Dave Bernhardt – Milliken
  • Mr. Alan Axton – Kersey
  • Mr. Bret Schmidt – La Salle


Policy Book

This publication is an accumulation of the District's policies. We intend that it is a statement of purposes, policies, values, perspectives and relationships.
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Financial Reports