The surface acreage of Geisert Reservoir is approximately 52 acres. There are two cells surrounded by a single slurry wall of approximately 7,200 linear feet. The current depth is 40 to 45 feet on the east pit and 40 to 50-feet on the west pit. The depth to bedrock is 63-feet. The reservoir complex holds about 1258-acre feet with the west pit holding 675-acre feet and the east pit 583-acre feet.

The CCWCD Board of Directors awarded as part of a competitive bid process. Hall-Irwin Construction started the construction on the pump station structure in June of 2015. Construction includes a concrete cast-in place wet-well that will be 50-feet deep. The pumpstation encompasses two vertical turbine pumps with 60-horsepower motors and 50-vertical foot turbines designed to pump up to 20-cubic feet per second.  This project also includes a diversion structure off the Cache la Poudre River with 1100-linear feet of 36-inch ductile iron pipe from the Cache la Poudre River to the pump station. The ductile pipeline also serves as the discharge line. There is an interconnect pipe allowing the two separate cells to work as one.

This project is for GMS under a contract with CCWCD.

Source of water: Cache la Poudre River

Date of Appropriation: February 9, 2011, 40-cubic feet per second, August 7, 2015, 15-cubic feet per second

Decreed Amount: 2200-acre feet with 1-refill

Diversion Rate: 55-cubic feet per second