Quota Trading

  • Must be in good standing with GMS.

  • Quota cannot be transferred between GMS and WAS.

  • Quota cannot be carried over past March 31st of the following year.

  • Quota cannot be traded to lands not covered by a Central augmentation contract.

  • Leasing or purchase of a quota does not guarantee the ability to pump in any particular year.

  • Quota transfers must be approved by Central to be valid.

  • A Central certified meter must be installed on the Lessor’s and Lessee’s wells to participate in the quota trading program.

  • Quota trading zones will be established by river reach and distance to cover geographic range of trading.

  • Enforcement will be verified by meter readings, satellite imagery or windshield survey.

  • Penalty for illegal irrigation after quota is leased will be future exclusion from the quota trading program.

  • Lessees are able to have unlimited quota transactions each year.

  • The value of quota leases will be set by the open market. Central will not maintain an official record of the price paid for quotas.

  • Central will maintain a list of interested parties whom contact Central, for buying and selling quotas.

  • Shallow rooted cover crop should be established to inhibit erosion of the soil by wind or water.

Purchaser Name Can purchase from zone Phone
Terry Martinson C,D,F 970-302-1066
Sellers  Name Can sell to zone Phone
Kirk Erickson B,D,E 970-371-1615
Mark Gaubatz E 618-917-1705
Rick Taylor F 303-868-2569
Judy Alexander B 970-284-7968

Permanent Transfers

 Interested Purchasers

Name Contact
Chris Fagen/ Pioneer HiBred 970-396-7849
John Moser 970-539-0999
Peter Press 303-377-3577
Dave Rock 720-810-5990
Jack Ferguson 303-795-3181
Matt Hawthorne 303-263-9421
Ralph Beauprez 970-768-1490

Interested Sellers

Name Contact

2018 Assessment Rates

Type 1 Irrigation $25.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 12 Non-irrigation Ag $40.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 13 Non-irrigation Domestic $100.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 14 Non-irrigation Industrial $100.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 11 Gravel Pit $0 per acre foot $4032.00 flat fee
Type 11 Gravel Pit 2019 $400.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 11 Non-taxed government $168.00 per acre foot $500.00 minimum
Type 11 Special $0 per acre foot $500.00 minimum

Division 1 Ground Water Measurement Rules

In order for the State Engineer and Division Engineer for Water Division No.1 to obtain information needed for administration of the waters in the South Platte River Basin within Water Division No.1 and to assist in compliance with the 1974 Amended South Platte Rules (W 7209) and the South Platte River Compact (Title 37 Article 65, C.R.S.), it is necessary to adopt rules governing the measurement of tributary ground water diversions located in the South Platte River Basin within Water Division No. 1.

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