Project Description

Koenig Reservoir is located near County Road 18 and County Road 25, near Fort Lupton.

Koenig Reservoir is located near Fort Lupton, Colorado. The design-build soil bentonite slurry cut off wall was constructed in 1999 by Hall-Irwin Construction. The length of the wall is 4,850 linear feet and has a maximum depth of 47 feet.

Weld County completed the gravel excavation on Koenig Reservoir during the fall 2016. Water is delivered to the reservoir by means of the Lupton Bottoms Ditch.  CCWCD acquired a 50-foot wide strip of land that extends to the South Platte River for access to the reservoir. The City of Broomfield and CCWCD, together plan to build an outlet facility that would be combined to divert water from both the Koenig and Heit Reservoirs to the South Platte River and/or to divert water between the two reservoirs. A contractor is anticipated to be selected in the fall of 2017. 

Decreed Capacity: 1300 AF
Source: Big Dry Creek/South Platte River
Appropriation Date: 12/31/91
Owned by: GMS