Project Description

Shores Reservoir is a gravel pit consisting of four cells surrounded by slurry walls. The four cells work in conjunction with each other through a series of interconnects, inlet structures from three different sources, and a discharge pumpstation in Pond A. The slurry walls that surround these four below-grade reservoirs were keyed into bedrock to a maximum depth of 32-feet.

Gravel mining is complete on Ponds B, C, and D. Pond A is partially mined and will be completed in the near future. Future plans for Shores Reservoir is a pumpstation in and out of Pond C to the St. Vrain River.  Phase 2 of construction will include a gravity discharge outlet from Pond C to the Rural Ditch. The discharge will include an estimated 2,250-feet of 24-inch pipe, 188-lineal feet bore under CR 26, to the Rural and Last Chance Ditches and final discharge into the Rural Ditch and the St. Vrain Creek. 

WAS owns 80% and CCWCD owns the remaining 20% of the Shores project. There is a contract in place for WAS to lease the 20% storage space from CCWCD.

Shores Reservoir is located at 11401 County Road 9 3/4 near Firestone, Colorado.  Currently there are 3 ponds owned by WAS, one more will be added when completed owned by CCWCD.

Decreed Capacity: 4,500 AF
Source: St. Vrain
Appropriation Date: 9/26/1997
Owned by: WAS