Project Description

Geisert Reservoir is located at 1108 H St, Greeley.

Water storage capacity of the 44-foot deep reservoir project is 1,250 acre-feet and when full covers roughly 44 acres. Water from the Cache La Poudre is diverted by gravity into the reservoir, the top several feet is pumped in to reach the full reservoir elevation. The stored water will be pumped from the reservoir back to the Poudre.

Geisert Reservoir was created from the mining activity of the Weld County Public Works Department.  The mined storage project consists of two reservoirs with one contiguous slurry wall liner around the perimeter.  The bentonite slurry wall was constructed and certified by the State Engineer’s office in 2012.

Estimated Capacity: 1,103 AF
(note there is no decreed capacity)
Source: Cache la Poudre
Appropriation Date: none
Owned by: CCWCD