Surface Rights

CCWCD’s Board of Directors began purchasing senior water rights shortly after the formation of GMS in 1973. This water is used to fill reservoirs, recharge ponds and direct supply to the South Platte River. Some of the earliest stock certificates date back to 1980. The District and two Subdistricts have assembled a water portfolio that contains rights in twenty-three different ditch and reservoir companies.

Water leases also play a part in surface water. CCWCD has many leases with municipalities such as: Aurora, Thornton, Longmont and Greeley. These lease supplies have been vital in meeting the demands placed on the river and will continue to be important to the augmentation plans.

This is a list of entities that CCWCD, GMS and/or WAS owns surface right in.

  • BH Eaton

  • Beeline Ditch

  • Big Thompson | Platte River

  • Boulder White Rock Ditch

  • Box Elder Ditch

  • Brighton Ditch Company

  • Farmers Independent Ditch Company

  • Fulton Irrigation Ditch Company

  • Godding Ditch Company

  • Godfrey Ditch Company

  • Greeley Irrigation Company

  • Greeley and Loveland Ditch

  • Loveland and Greeley Reservoir

  • Lupton Bottoms Ditch

  • Lupton Meadows

  • Platteville Milling and Irrigation Company

  • Plumb Irrigation Company

  • Rural Ditch

  • Seven Mile #2 Reservoir

  • Union Ditch

  • Union Reservoir

  • W.R. Jones Ditch

  • Weldon Valley Ditch

  • Western Mutual Ditch Company