2020 Walker Recharge Update

The Walker project is moving along as expected and we are hoping to pump the first water during 2021. The Walker Project is in Weld and Morgan Counties between the towns of Orchard and Wiggins. Phase 1 of the Project includes a surface diversion from the Weldon Valley that diverts water from the South Platte River, a recharge pond near the north bank of the river, a well field located on the south bank, and a pipeline to deliver water from the wellfield to the recharge ponds.  Phase 2 will include development of additional surface diversions, wellfields, pipelines and recharge ponds. Upon completion it is anticipated that the Project will be able to divert and recharge up to 30,000 acre-feet per year at rates up to 100 cfs from the South Platte River for delivery to recharge ponds located at distances of up to three miles from the River.  Locations of individual recharge ponds will be staged at different distances to achieve different timing of accretion patterns and optimize project efficiency.

During 2020:

  • There were 13 high-capacity wells drilled with an expected pumping rate over 50 cfs.
  • Approximately 3-miles of 54-inch steel pipe associated with the project was installed.
  • The manifold pipeline construction (to tie the wells into the steel pipeline) is underway.
  • 3-recharge ponds associated with the project have been constructed with a combined surface area of approximately 30 acres.

In June, CCWCD’s Board of Directors awarded AB Underground, located in LaSalle, Colorado, the construction contract for the Phase 3A of Central’s Walker Recharge Project.  Phase 3A of the Walker Recharge project encompasses the manifold pipeline that will tie together the 13-alluvial wells located on Central’s riverfront property to the 54-inch steel pipeline, for delivery to recharge ponds on top of Bijou Hill.  As a part of Phase 3A, CCWCD will install approximately 6,500 feet of HDPE pipe that ranges in size from 12-inch to 42-inch.  The design capacity of the manifold pipeline from the 13-alluvial wells is approximately 65 cfs.