CCWCD strongly believes that the key to protecting our water resources while sustaining agriculture production is through education. We offer educational opportunities to our citizens from kindergarten through senior.


The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District created the Children’s Water Festival in 1991. This festival is one of the oldest children’s water festivals in the nation.

The festival is a free event where Colorado Water professionals provide presentations and activities about water, conservation, health, and aquatic life. A wide range of curriculum areas are covered, including language arts, math, science, social studies, visual art, and health.

The water festival focuses on 4th & 5th grade students in Weld, Morgan, and Adams Counties. The day long event is designed to teach students that water is an essential, limited resource and that they can take action to protect . The event provides teachers with materials and lessons that they can use for years to come.

The 2020 Festival Theme is, “Agriculture”.

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The goal of the Well Watch Project is to develop greater understandings and applications of groundwater science by students and teachers, and to develop an awareness of its past, present, and future history.

The Well Watch Project was first begun in 1991 with the drilling of the first monitoring well at Eaton Elementary School. Two more were drilled in 1992 and 14 other ones added in by 1995.  The Central Colorado Water Conservancy District (CCWCD) spearheaded the drilling of the monitoring water wells. Project time, labor, permitting and equipment were all donated by various partners, including R&R Well and Pump, Lesh Drilling, Enviro Drilling Pumps, Colorado State University and Ledall Brothers Construction, Inc. The wells ranged from Eaton to Pueblo. Due to lack of technology to store and analyze data collected by students, interest in the project waned and it became less of a priority. In 2010, the West Greeley Conservation District funded a Poudre Learning Center (PLC) intern to complete a survey of the PLC hydrology and suggest the location for two monitoring wells to be used for K-12 and community education. The intern worked with PLC, CCWCD and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) staff to install three wells at the PLC. The success of this project lead to desire from CCWCD to revitalize the Well Watch Project.

Today 10 schools are actively involved in the program and efforts are being made to recruit more classrooms.

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The Confluence Institute began in July of 2010, this four-day workshop is sponsored by Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, West Greeley Conservation District and the Poudre Learning Center. It is a wonderful educational opportunity for teachers who have had little or no exposure to agriculture and our natural resources. Participants have the option to take the workshop for two continuing education credits. The workshop is free to area K-12 teachers as well as non-formal educators.

The workshop is offered every summer and is set on a revolving two-year cycle: Focus on the Watershed, and Focus on Agriculture. Each participant can take the class both years for a total of four-graduate credits.

The curriculum is focused on Project WET USA water lessons. Participating teachers will receive the Project WET Guide 2.0 packed full of lesson plans that correlate to national science standards. They will learn how to use the guide and teach activities. Each year we offer different speakers and tours. Past examples include Gateway Natural Area, City of Greeley Water Treatment facility, and Bee Family Farms; lunch is always provided.

This years course will provide K-12 educators the opportunity to strengthen and apply their knowledge in four areas of science education during this 4-day professional development workshop:
1) The Nature of Inquiry and How Students Learn;
2) Inquiry-based science curriculum, Project WET;
3) Earth System Approach instructional strategy;
4) Life, Physical, Earth science concepts.

Participants have the option to take the workshop for two continuing education credits. The workshop is free to area K-12 teachers as well as non-formal educators. Lunch is always provided!

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Register for the Confluence Institute Focus on Watershed.
Registration is open through May 29, 2020

Workshop dates are
June (Pending)

Project WET


Each year Central’s Board of Directors offer a $1000.00 college scholarship to one graduating senior from the 12 high schools within our district boundaries. Application should be turned in to your high school counseling office by May 1 of each year. 

2020 Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Garrett Fritzler – Fort Morgan High School
  • Kyle Melvin – Prairie View High School
  • James Kuemmerle – Weld Central High School
  • Brianna Diaz – Brighton High School
  • Paige Finegan – Wiggins High School
  • Karina Gonzales – Fort Lupton High School
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