Project Description

The Haren Recharge Project is the only automated recharge facility owned by Central. The inflows are measured and recorded at the two Rubicon gates in 15 minute intervals. Pond levels are measured by pressure transducers at each pond, and recorded by data loggers, also in 15 minute intervals. All this data is then automatically sent by cellular communication to Central’s office, and then uploaded to Central’s accounting database which resides on a Cloud.

Construction began in 2010 and was fully completed in 2013.  The land owned by Tom and Cindy Haren, while CCWCD and United Water and Sanitation District are partners on the recharge. The credits from the recharge are split evenly between CCWCD and United. CCWCD uses its 1987 Western Mutual Ditch right and other waters used are fully consumable rights that belong to both United and Central.

The ability to use the pond for storm and flood water mitigation is an added bonus to the Western Ditch Company and area landowners.

Haren Recharge is a Project is a prime example of CCWCD partnering with other entities to maximize the water supply in the most efficient manner.